Kindergarten School Supplies


Kindergarten School Supplies

Paul Banks Elementary

8-Large White Glue Sticks (Avery or Scotch brands please…other brands don’t stick)

1-Bottle Elmers White Glue

1-pair kids scissors

1-box Ticonderoga pencils

1-Box of 16 Crayons

1-Pink Eraser

1- Pair of Non-marking Tennis Shoes to leave at school that your child can take on and off INDEPENDENTLY (we change shoes several times a day)

1-Large Backpack

1-Large Box of Kleenex


1-Container Clorox Type Disinfectant Wipes and 1-pkg Thin markers (i.e. Crayola)


1-Roll of Paper Towels and one Box Thick colored markers (i.e. Crayola)

Please mark your child’s name on their backpack and gym shoes.  Other supplies do not need to be marked.  They will be shared with other students within the classroom. Individual teachers may ask for other supplies during the school year.

*** If possible, please bring supplies to Meet Your Teacher