Title 1 Preschool Supplies

Paul Banks Elementary

Title 1 Preschool

Classroom supplies are provided by Title 1.

Students will need:

  • to keep a pair of “indoor” non-marking tennis shoes at school.
  • to bring a water bottle labeled with his or her name. These will go home on Fridays to be returned on Mondays to be washed weekly.
  • to have an alternate set of clothes kept in the classroom in a labeled, large Ziploc bag. In case of an ‘accident’ or messes from outside recess, our school nurse will help your student change into dry clothes and return the soiled clothes to you that day.

Also, if each family could contribute a large box of fruit snacks, dried fruit, cheerios, goldfish, pretzels, etc. that would be great (please, nothing super sugary).

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