Second Grade School Supplies

Second Grade School Supplies



4-Dozen #2 Pencils Ticonderoga brand works well.

1-Box of Crayons

8-Glue Sticks

1-Child Scissors

1-Pair Tennis Shoes (for inside use, to stay at school)

1-School Supply Box

1-Large Box Kleenex (another in January)

1-Box Markers

1-Box Colored Pencils

1-Roll of Paper Towels

1-Pack of fine tip Dry Erase Markers – assorted colors

1-Large Container Disinfectant/Cleaning Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

**If possible, please bring your child’s supplies when you come for “Meet the Teacher.”  We will be sharing these supplies – Please only label shoes and Backpacks